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Incredibly gifted and talented teams and individuals that we have partnered with to support and showcase their brands. 
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About the program 

Our program is open worldwide and offered directly by EXG.

Quick check yourself against our program requirements and see if your eligible. 

See what benefits each partner tier can offer you as a individual / team.

Four basic expectations for all partners.
Easy to fulfill, and no stress to daily life.

A new way to feature and showcase the hardworking partners of the program

Listed Partners

EXGPartners can be viewed using the individual sections below as new the program grows.

Content Creators

Twitch, Youtube, Hitbox, Mixer and more. 
Those who create broadcaster content and uploads can be found here.

Graphics Artists

Graphics artists creating social and channel revamps, emotes and more.
All designers can be found here.

eSports Teams 

eSports teams aiming to make their way into LANs and online tournaments. 
Those who compete can be found here.

Coming Soon

Mystery section. No current plans but who knows what cool stuff will be listed here. 
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