eSports Legion

Nobody saw us coming, yet we have been taking over silently. 

After recruiting EU and NA directors, this will be a fun experience.

eSports at EXG is shaping up to be intense!

About eSports

Our new division is rapidly growing as we align ourselves with the most dedicated and driven teams to not only support their LAN and League journeys but to also represent our community to the fullest and in a professional manner in said events.

We are currently forming new teams with all teams needing to fill in our esports form and awaiting a response.

All of our opportunities are available to teams all over the world, we simple require you to be driven for success and be able to relay equal support in your community representation. 

As our teams regularly scrim against others, do not message us asking to join if you win in a scrim ... its a friendly not a trial. Messages about this will simply be ignored as we back our teams and their potential.

*We currently take preference by forming our teams with existing team members that have proven they have the drive and skill to take their dream further. If we cannot create a team then a public post will be put out on Twitter for trials, recruitment and set up.

Official Jersey Design

Official 2017 Jersey designs for all esports teams under EXG. Designed and created by Aporia Customs <3
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