Believe with us, Achieve more

Whether your a solo creator or a established team seeking a powerful partner without joining our team then our partner program is the only program for you.

Head into battle, with supercharged power!


No follower requirements, just four simple requirements.

No Quitters

We require partners to apply if they are dedicated to their content / brand

Good Representatives

We require partners to promote and portray themselves professionally.

Socially Active

We require all partners to be active on Social Media and Discord.

Aim Higher

Aim for higher levels, and let your motivation lead your success.


Great initial benefits that will help any partner to get more notice.

Annual Plans Only

All partnerships last for a full year and do not automatically renew.

Smart Support

Get EXG quality brand support, without leaving any teams or joining the team.

Limitless Promotion

Whether its a featured spot or a hosted highlight, our promotion is unlimited.

Extra Growth

With others, your community will grow, with real people interested in your brand

Open to Everybody

No matter the size of your channel, your skill level or even how many accolades you have, we believe you should have access to support without the extra hassle since this journey is hard enough already.

However, even though this is open to all, we will accept those who portray a professional and focused attitude towards their content and the new partnership.

If you fit in with the requirements above, check out the only expectations of all partners below.


Rep the Tag

Partners are expected to keep the tag [EXGP] in their social media profiles.

Good Representatives

We require partners to promote and portray themselves professionally.

Be Social

Partners are expected to interact with EXG tweets and network with team members

Aim Higher

Aim for higher levels, and let your motivation lead your success.

Information about our plans

We offer a wide range of plans to meet individual needs for brands of all fanbase sizes.

Contacted by Email

Once you have paid the partner fee, we will contact partners through the PayPal email used to pay to give them all the relevant information to start a new chapter of their journey's

This takes a maximum of 2 minutes

Annual not monthly

Nobody likes worrying about a monthly charge, so all of our plans last for a full year. 

Merchandise Pack

Our merchandise pack contains items from our new line of epic products via our new partner.

Official partner-hood

All partners are official and gain the benefits of increased impressions from our amazing roster.

Zero Set up needed

You don't need to authorise any bots or login with any accounts, everything needed is in one document / folder.

Support Same Day

All partners can begin receiving support instantly after payment has been received and confirmed.

Quality Support

Experience the exact same support our team has, just with no obligations to leave your current team / organisation

Quality not Quantity

As we are aiming to create a partner program that really gives back to those that put in time and effort.

If your partner admission has been rejected, you will receive a full refund into your PayPal account along with email support and notification of a refund. 

Do not be discouraged as this only exists for the first few months of our program to keep everything in working order, if rejected you are free to re-apply in 30 days.

Estimated removal date : November 9th 2017

What plan is right for you?

Starter Plan


Perfect for small teams and creators
 Basic Promotion Pack   
Partner Status

Deluxe Plan


Perfect for growing teams and creators
Intermediate Promotion Pack
Partner Status

Pro Plan


Perfect for established teams and creators
EXG Merchandise Pack
Expert Promotion Pack
Partner Status

Hyper Plan


Perfect for larger teams and creators
Access to 3 exclusive website pages (in development)
EXG Merchandise Pack
Hyper Promotion Pack
Partner Status
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