Community Effort!

Being a community that aims to push both the brand and each other to new levels, we are proud to have been accepted to each program with the associated brand below. This shows just how well and powerful our community is, and what we can achieve.

We will continue to achieve greater success alongside our sponsors and affiliates.


Use the discount code EROX to get discounts with our sponsors 
Codes can be used as many times as you want, with no minimum order needed for use. 
Psst! Our discounts get you even more off during sales and events!

Merchandising Partner

A team of dedicated designers and representatives, helping eSports teams and communities like ours to represent in style and in a professional manner. 

More Partners

Partners exploring their own industries while providing our community with a serious level of support.
We appreciate every ounce of support.


Visit any of our affiliate partners by clicking on their logos to experience a new level in gaming. 
All images are linked to our affiliate tracking links which supports our community whilst you shop.

Our community was accepted by each company here after sending in our applications, the acceptance itself gave our team a massive push and we thank the brands eternally for hypercharging the drive here at EXG.
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