About Us

Founded 2014 by Bauuzer in the United Kingdom, we acquired a lot of knowledge about how the content game and business worlds overlap, which combined with the countless years of knowledge from our members has kept us in a prime position to support others with their own journeys.

Since launch we have grown into an international powerhouse operating in 13 countries, partnering with some of the industries elite brands to provide a beneficial platform for our members.
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With supportive members and managers we have proven just how reliable our practices are.

Partner Beast

Hyper progressing to new levels of greatness we are picking up insane partnerships monthly.


We heard about targets, but we never set any because we reach them too fast. 




Partners / Affiliates


Members in all fields


Takeover Time

Why choose us?

Our processes are different than normal, but hey, we have already achieved 3x as much as our fellow organisations with less time and a lot less members
Support community for real support
Fast Applications, Fast Response
No membership fees for team members
Equal opportunities for all active members
Develop both on and off the controller.
Network with others across the globe.
For more information about joining the team click here
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